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Electronic medical records (EMRs)

Electronic Medical Records

Primary care and specialist clinics in private practice and within regional health authorities now have your health records at their fingertips, thanks to electronic medical records (EMRs). EMRs are computer-based medical record systems used to manage patient information and care within a clinic’s practice.

EMRs offer many benefits to your health-care providers by:

  • reducing time spent searching for records or waiting for records already in use
  • providing the ability to renew prescriptions with just a few clicks
  • enabling cost reductions related to storage space for paper-based charts
  • supporting easier recruitment of new clinicians through use of technology in practices

EMR Adoption Program

EMR Adoption ProgramLaunched in October 2010, the EMR Adoption Program offered funding to help 1,000 community-based physicians in primary- and specialist-care clinics in Manitoba to implement EMRs into their practices.

The number of community-based clinicians using approved EMRs grew from about 30 per cent when the EMR Adoption Program was introduced to over 73 per cent using approved EMRs today.

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