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About Manitoba eHealth

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Manitoba eHealth do?

Manitoba eHealth is responsible for providing information and communications technology (ICT) services to health-care customers comprised of all of the regional health authorities, CancerCare Manitoba and Diagnostic Services Manitoba. Created in 2007, Manitoba eHealth ensures that clinical systems meet the needs of health-care providers who provide direct services to patients.

Working with our customers, we have helped implement electronic systems that enable doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and administrative personnel to have current information at their fingertips. The building blocks of digital health have been put into place, including eChart Manitoba, which provides key information about patients to health-care providers; electronic medical records, which allow your family physician or specialist to maintain and update a full electronic record of your care; and hospital-based systems that are inter-connected in Winnipeg and some regional health authorities.

In the next leg of our journey, we will work with our customers to develop fully integrated systems that will ensure health providers are able to continue to deliver safe, high-quality services in response to the changing needs of Manitobans.

Over time, ICT services are expected to provide people and their families with access to the information they need to maintain their health and to access the services they require.

What is the history of Manitoba eHealth?

The concept of formalized eHealth was first introduced in Manitoba a decade ago, when the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) formed the e-Health Services division as a first step in creating region-wide clinical information services.

e-Health Services evolved from an operating division to a provincial program in 2007, when the Government of Manitoba officially created the Manitoba eHealth program to facilitate health-care delivery transformation through the use of ICT.

Over the past decade, Manitoba eHealth has inherited and consolidated numerous ICT systems and applications from within the WRHA. We are the ICT service provider for the WRHA and provide both clinical and technical services to customers in other regional health authorities across the province, as well as to Diagnostic Services Manitoba and CancerCare Manitoba.

As the health-care sector changes, we will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our customers.

What is digital health to me?

Digital health represents how technology is transforming the way in which health care is delivered. It helps facilitate the connection of health-care teams by sharing health information electronically through secure information systems. For the average person, this means that your health information will follow you wherever you go.

How would I know if Manitoba eHealth is working for me?

There are many ways in which Manitoba eHealth benefits patients in tangible ways throughout the province.

Imagine that you’re away from home, visiting one of your favourite spots in Manitoba, and you suddenly feel ill and need to go to a hospital. Through a provincially integrated admission, discharge, transfer (ADT) system, you would immediately be identified, without the need for health providers to double-check your identity.

If you suddenly become too ill to talk to a health-care provider, eChart Manitoba is available to provide an authorized health professional with a summary of your health information, such as prescriptions that have previously been filled, immunization histories, allergies and results from participating labs.

If you are unconscious in an emergency room, you don’t need to worry about being lost in the shuffle if that ER is equipped with the emergency department information system (EDIS), which allows health-care providers to triage, track and treat patients.

Or, perhaps you live in a remote community and need a face-to-face appointment with a specialist in Winnipeg. MBTelehealth improves your access and choice, offering significant time and cost benefits through video conferencing.

What are the future plans for eHealth in Manitoba?

The eHealth strategy for Manitoba includes:

  • moving away from paper files and toward provincial electronic information systems
  • improving access to more comprehensive and timely health information for providers, patients and administrators to help manage patient care
  • sharing information across programs, locations and organizations by connecting disparate parts of the health system
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