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A patient's journey

Picture this: you’re travelling to your favourite lake in Manitoba when you suddenly feel ill and need to go to a hospital.

A provincially integrated admission, discharge, transfer (ADT) system ensures that if you visit any hospital in Manitoba, they can immediately identify you. When you arrive at the hospital, the ADT system correctly identifies you as a Manitoban eligible for health services.

The hospital is equipped with the emergency department information system (EDIS), meaning you don’t need to worry about being lost in the shuffle. EDIS allows health-care providers to triage, track and treat patients.

If you suddenly become too ill to talk to a health-care provider, eChart Manitoba can provide an authorized health professional with a summary of your health information, such as drug prescriptions that have previously been filled, immunization histories and results from participating labs.

Your physician determines that you need a prescription. The order is placed with computerized provider order entry (CPOE). The system recognizes your allergy to penicillin and alerts your doctor. But your story isn’t over yet. Surgery is required, so you’re sent back to Winnipeg and a surgery time is scheduled through our surgical information management system (SIMS).

Your imaginary health-care journey, while unexpected, leaves you with the knowledge that you have been cared for quickly and with the expertise of health-care providers who have the tools they need to provide the right health service to you at the right time.

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