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EMR Certification

Manitoba EMR Certification Status

The application window for EMR Certification closed on April 1, 2016. Assessment activities on Standard Certified EMR Products are underway for optional components. Products requesting certification are listed below. Each EMR product will be assessed to ensure they meet stated requirements. Check back regularly for status updates.

Review the Manitoba EMR Certification Levels here.

For a brief summary of the EMR requirements listed below, read our Provincial EMR Requirements Overview. Certification against optional components occurs after reaching Standard Certification. Speak to the vendor about the EMR version that includes optional components relevant to your needs. Products noted as Applied or In progress can be considered Under Assessment.

EMR Product
Accuro EMR Profile Max-Gold9 Clinisys EMR InputHealth
Vendor Asystar Medical Records Solutions QHR Technologies Intrahealth Canada Ltd. Max Systems Inc. Clinisys EMR Inc. InputHealth Systems Inc.
Minimum Version 16.8 2016.03 9.368.0 3.0 InputHealth CHR
Certification Level Standard Integrated Standard Standard Standard Standard
Requirements- Standard Level
Baseline EMR Requirements Certified Certified Certified Certified Certified Certified
eChart Manitoba Context-Sensitive Launch Interface Certified Certified Certified Certified Certified Certified
Requirements - Integrated Level or Optional Components
eHealth_hub Lab Results
Certified   Certified  
In progress
DI Results
Certified   Applied  
In progress
Primary Care Quality Indicator Reminders and Data Extract (v1.5)


  Certified In progress

In progress

Comprehensive Care Management Billing Support
In progress
Access, Capacity and Workload Reporting   Certified        
Interprofessional Team Data Extract   Certified        

Questions about EMR Certification?

Read our FAQ
Phone: (204) 926-3482

What happens after EMR Certification? Lifecycle

EMR Certification is just the beginning of what Manitoba hopes will be a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. Collaboration between Manitoba and vendors of Certified EMR Products will be essential. From time-to-time, EMR requirements within the certification process may be updated, or new requirements may be added to support best practice guidelines or provincial programs. To maintain certification, EMR products will be required to certify against updated or new requirements as applicable to their level of certification. The following diagram outlines the lifecycle of activities for EMR products after successful certification.


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