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EMR Certification

Manitoba EMR Certification

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Why are provincial standards important?
Provincial standards ensure EMRs have a solid foundation to support delivery of quality patient care. Provincial standards also support:

  • information sharing and interoperability between primary care sites and specialists to improve continuity of care
  • consistent and measurable preventative care and chronic disease management
  • advancement of primary care renewal efforts
  • consistent data collection and submission to support health system planning

Certification of EMR Products against provincial standards supports achievement of these objectives, while managing cost and risk.

Scope of EMR Certification in ManitobaLegal Disclaimer
The goal of the certification process is to ensure EMR products have the ability to support the strategic and operational objectives of Manitoba and end-users of Manitoba Certified EMRs over time.

Manitoba’s Certification is focused on ensuring an EMR product:

  • meets a minimum provincial standard for clinical and administrative functions
  • reliably and securely integrates with Manitoba’s provincial services

There are many other purchaser responsibilities beyond the scope of Manitoba certification that you need to consider. Resources are available to keep you informed about EMR Certification and assist EMR purchasers with their decision-making process:

Manitoba's new EMR Certification process
In 2009, the province completed a Request for Qualification process to identify Manitoba Approved Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Vendors and their EMR solutions. Manitoba’s agreement with Approved EMR Vendors and solutions expired on Sept. 30, 2016. As a result, Manitoba developed a new EMR Certification process, which was posted publicly on the Manitoba eHealth website in December 2015.

The initial application window for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Certification was between Feb. 8, 2016 and April 1, 2016. EMR vendors are welcome to submit an expression of interest at any time.

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