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Home Clinics

Complementary Primary Care Initiatives

My Health Teams

Home Clinics are a foundational part of a comprehensive and integrated primary health-care system.  Home Clinics, as well as many other primary health-care services such as dieticians, diabetes specialists, mental health specialists, etc., can become part of a My Health Team.  My Health Teams plan and deliver comprehensive services for a geographic area or a specific community or population to help ensure all Manitobans get the care they need, when they need it. The vision is that Manitoba’s Home Clinics will be the patient’s home base and will help patients access the supports and services available – the My Health Team – to ensure the comprehensive care of its patients.

For more on Manitoba’s integrated primary health-care system, please refer to the Primary Care website.

Electronic Medical Records

Solo practitioners or inter-professional teams working within a registered Home Clinic or a My Health Team can rely on Manitoba-certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) products to provide a solid foundation to support delivery of quality patient care. EMR products certified by Manitoba at the “Integrated” level provide a robust set of features and functions well-aligned with Manitoba’s primary care system. Certification of EMR products against provincial standards supports the achievement of primary care objectives, while managing cost and risk.

Learn more about Certified EMR Products.


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