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Becoming a Home Clinic

What are the criteria to be a Home Clinic?

Manitoba's Home Clinic Criteria align with the conditions associated with the Comprehensive Care Management tariffs (as agreed by Doctors Manitoba and Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living). It also aligns with the College of Family Physicians of Canada: A Vision for Canada: Family Practice: The Patient's Medical Home. We recommend you review all six commitments outlined in the Home Clinic Criteria prior to registering as a Home Clinic. Click for more information about the criteria.

Does a clinic need to be part of a My Health Team to become a Home Clinic?

There is no requirement for a Home Clinic to be a member of a My Health Team. There are however, benefits that a Home Clinic should consider. At a high level, participating in a My Health Team gives the Home Clinic, and its enrolled patients, access to a broader interprofessional team of care providers and other resources. For more information on My Health Teams and the benefits of membership, click here.

What if our clinic is not able to meet all of the criteria at this time?

There is no deadline for registering as a Home Clinic. However, being a registered Home Clinic is a prerequisite to enrolling patients, and for fee-for-service clinics, to claiming the CCM tariffs.

If you do not meet the Home Clinic Criteria right away, you can work towards meeting the criteria over time, and our team will be here to support your efforts. Contact our Home Clinic team at to discuss your challenges in meeting the criteria and how we can help.

How do we become a Home Clinic?

The process is simple, and our dedicated Home Clinic team is here to help.

Step 1: Review Manitoba’s Home Clinic Criteria and confirm your eligibility, ability and willingness to make the required commitments. Feel free to email the Home Clinic team at should questions arise during your review.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Initiate Home Clinic Registration form. Within this form, you provide basic information about your Home Clinic (e.g. name, location, contact information). You also identify who within your team will be users of the Home Clinic registration and patient enrolment system. This system is called the Home Clinic Portal. We recommend you identify a primary and a back-up resource to ensure appropriate coverage during any planned and unplanned absences.

Step 3: Manitoba eHealth will grant your users’ access to the Home Clinic Portal. One of these users will log in to complete the registration process. This final step requires confirmation of your clinic’s commitment to Manitoba’s Home Clinic Criteria, and identification of the family physicians and nurse practitioners who will be associated with your Home Clinic. These providers will be the Most Responsible Providers for your enrolled patients. Clinics that have not yet successfully submitted a Primary Care Data Extract will also be required to submit a sample for verification.

Note: Primary care clinics that only have dial-up access to the Internet may request a form to complete the process. Email to make your request.

What are the benefits of being a Home Clinic?

Becoming a registered Home Clinic offers many benefits to the clinic, the healthcare providers working in your clinic, and to your enrolled patients.

  • As a registered Home Clinic, you will have access to valuable reports (updated December 2018) based on data available within Manitoba's enrolment system. These reports will provide insight into your enrolled patient population, completeness of patient demographic and clinical data, as well as comparative data to other Home Clinics. For example, how your clinic is performing in relation to other Home Clinics, in terms of the Primary Care Quality Indicators.

  • Fee-for-service family physicians associated with a Home Clinic will be eligible to claim the Comprehensive Care Management Tariffs for their qualifying enrolled patients as of April 1, 2017. Review information on the Comprehensive Care Management Tariffs.

  • In the future, Home Clinics using electronic medical record (EMR) products certified by Manitoba to support information sharing will be able to ensure that authorized care providers in walk-in or QuickCare clinics have access to essential health information about their enrolled patients. This will help them make important decisions about your patient’s care. Those providers will also have the opportunity to send information about the enrolled patient’s visit back to the Home Clinic, in a convenient and efficient manner. This ensures the Home Clinic and patient’s Most Responsible Provider have important information about their patients’ health issues.
  • Over time, interested Home Clinics will have opportunities and be supported in their efforts to form or integrate with a My Health Team. Becoming a member of a My Health Team brings considerable value to a Home Clinic. It enables access to the My Health Team resources, supports and services for your Home Clinic team and your enrolled patients. It also enables clinical resources to focus on issues requiring their specific expertise. To learn more about My Health Teams, visit Manitoba’s Primary Care website.

What are the disadvantages for us if we decide not to become a Home Clinic?

Registering as a Home Clinic is not mandatory, and the decision is made by the primary care practice or clinic. If you choose not to become a Home Clinic, you will not be eligible to:

  • enrol patients and submit your enrolment data to the provincial enrolment system. Fee-for-service family physicians will not be eligible to claim the CCM tariffs;

  • receive important clinical information from episodic care providers who see your enrolled patients. This reduces the continuity of information available to support clinical decision making; and

  • leverage operational and analytic reports available only to registered Home Clinics. Refer to our Home Clinic Reporting (updated December 2018) overview for more information.

What technology must be in place to operate as a Home Clinic?

Home Clinics will require Internet connectivity to access the Home Clinic Portal, and will function well with Firefox, Chrome or version 11 of Internet Explorer. It should be noted that dial-up connectivity is expected to perform poorly.

In addition, Manitoba's Home Clinic Criteria states that Home Clinics must use an EMR system for management of patient care. The EMR must be able to record patient enrolment information and generate the Primary Care Data Extract (as per Manitoba’s Home Clinic Criteria), or submit enrolment data via the eHealth_hub - Home Clinic Enrolment Service Interface. Learn more about the Primary Care Data Extract.

What are the expectations of a Home Clinic now and in the future?

Registered Home Clinics are expected to:

  • Provide their enrolled patients with continuous, comprehensive primary care;
  • Appropriately record care provided to their enrolled patients in their EMR, and submit the Primary Care Data Extract with regular frequency;
  • Improve the quality of the data submitted within the Primary Care Data Extract over time;
  • Keep MHSAL apprised of changes in their Home Clinic, including basic location and contact information and provider composition; and
  • Support their patients, to the best of their ability, during periods where no Most Responsible Provider is associated with the enrolled patients.

What are the workload implications of being a Home Clinic?

Through patient enrolment, a Home Clinic will be better able to clearly define the patient population it serves. This knowledge supports operational activities such capacity and workload planning.

The patient enrolment process may initially impact the clinic’s workload. For example, Home Clinics will need to prepare for patient enrolment (e.g. identify candidates for enrolment). Our dedicated team is here to help you, and there are various resources available to Home Clinics to support enrolment activities.

Manitoba’s Home Clinic Criteria requires clinics to provide primary-care services consistent with the Primary Care Quality Indicators (Manitoba Primary Care Quality Indicators Guide). Data related to those indicators must be recorded in the right place in the EMR so that it will be included in the Primary Care Data Extract. This may result in additional effort for Home Clinics not familiar with these guidelines or that do not currently capture this data in their EMR.

Does a clinic receive any renumeration for being a Home Clinic or for enroling patients?

Fee-for-service Home Clinics are funded through the Comprehensive Care Management (CCM) tariffs available to their family physicians and general practitioners (effective April 1, 2017). Home Clinics within Regional Health Authorities are funded through the provision of provider salaries and operational funding.

Neither the Home Clinic nor MRP receive funding for the act of enrolling patients. Read more about patient enrolment.

Our practice has more than one site or location. Should we register as one Home Clinic or as seperate Home Clinics?

The choice is yours. You may register as a single Home Clinic or as separate Home Clinics. If registering as a single Home Clinic, all providers at the various locations must share a single Electronic Medical Record (EMR) instance (i.e. one database). If you choose to register as separate Home Clinics, each location must meet the Home Clinic Criteria.

Click to learn more about ongoing Home Clinic activities.


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