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More on Home Clinic Criteria

Our clinic is comprised of Family Physicians, specialty providers and episodic care providers. Are we eligible to become a Home Clinic?

As long as your clinic meets the Home Clinic Criteria, you are eligible to become a Home Clinic. During your registration process, only family physicians, general practitioners or nurse practitioners would be eligible to be associated with the Home Clinic as Most Responsible Providers.

What are the Primary Care Quality Indicators?

The Primary Care Quality Indicators used in Manitoba are derived from evidence-based indicators originally developed by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), with the assistance of clinician experts. They measure recommended screening and chronic disease management processes in seven areas of primary care:

  • prevention
  • diabetes management
  • asthma management
  • congestive heart failure management
  • hypertension management
  • coronary artery disease management
  • osteoporosis

What is the Primary Care Data Extract?

The Primary Care Data Extract extracts patient demographic data and data related to the Primary Care Quality Indicators from an EMR. The Primary Care Data Extract is referred to in Note 8 of the CCM Tariff, and is compatible with MHSAL’s information systems. Review more on the data extract.

If your EMR product is not able to enrol patients, generate the Primary Care Data Extract, or your clinic is not using an EMR, your clinic is not eligible to be a Home Clinic at this time. Connect with the Primary Care/Community Information Systems (PCIS) Office to learn more about how your clinic could move forward in these areas. The PCIS Office may be reached at 204-926-3482 or

Our clinic focuses exclusively on providing episodic care. Can we become a Home Clinic?

No. Home Clinics commit to providing continuous, comprehensive care to their enrolled patients. Clinics, that only provide episodic care, such as QuickCare or fee-for-service walk-in clinics, are not eligible.

What provider types are eligible to be a Most Responsible Provider?

Only family physicians and nurse practitioners are eligible to fulfil the role of Most Responsible Provider within a Home Clinic.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of MRP that may be associate with a Home Clinic?

At least one Most Responsible Provider must be associated with a Home Clinic. There is no limit to the number of MRP that can be associated.

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