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Primary Care Data Extract

What EMR data is included in the data extract?

The Primary Care Data Extract extracts data from discrete data fields in the EMR in eight categories:

  • patient demographics (including enrolment data)
  • preventative care
  • diabetes management
  • asthma management
  • congestive heart failure management
  • hypertension management
  • coronary artery disease management
  • osteoporosis

The extract does not include free-form text such as that captured in encounter notes.

How do I know if our EMR can generate the Primary Care Data Extract?

It is expected that your EMR is able to generate the Primary Care Data Extract under the following conditions:

  1. Your EMR product is certified at the Integrated level
  2. Your EMR product is certified at the Standard level and is also certified for the optional Primary Care Quality Indicator Reminders and Data Extract
  3. You use a Previously-Approved EMR product:
    • Code-Med/Jonoke Freedom Paperless Office
    • Telus’ Med Access

If your EMR product is not Certified or Previously-Approved, talk to your EMR vendor about developing the Primary Care Data Extract, including the functionality necessary to record patient enrolment details. If you, or your EMR vendor, need more information about the Primary Care Data Extract, you may review the specification or contact the Manitoba eHealth Primary Care/Community Information Systems (PCIS) Office at 204-926-3482 or

Learn more about Certified EMR Products, and review our Purchaser Responsibilities Summary for more information on purchasing a certified EMR.

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