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Home Clinics

Ongoing Home Clinic Activities

What are the ongoing responsibilities of a Home Clinic?

Home Clinics are responsible for keeping all commitments outlined in the Home Clinic Criteria, and made during the registration process. In addition, Home Clinics will:

  • communicate with patients as appropriate regarding Home Clinic and Most Responsible Provider changes;

  • maintain enrolment data within the EMR (e.g. updating de-enrolments, making MRP changes, etc.); and

  • undertake efforts to improve the completeness and quality of the data associated with enrolled patient care.

Your Home Clinic Liaison can help with all of these activities, and will ensure that your clinic is aware of the other resources available.

Learn more about managing patient enrolment.

What enrolment information or reporting is available to Home Clinics?

Registered Home Clinics will have access to a range of reports. Some reports will be based solely on Home Clinic and enrolment data (e.g. number of enrolled patients) and others will require integration of enrolment data with other data sources (e.g. claims data). These reports will be published within the Home Clinic Portal, and are available for viewing, printing and/or exporting by the Home Clinic. These reports will be accessible to authorized users via the Home Clinic Portal. Refer to the list of reports (updated October 2018) for details.

What supports are available to Home Clinics?

There are a number of resources and supports available to Home Clinics. Each registered Home Clinic is assigned a Home Clinic Liaison who will work with the Home Clinic to support their Home Clinic activities. The Liaison will advise regarding best practices related to EMR use, data quality improvement, patient enrolment and more. Other supports are available on the Manitoba eHealth website including, but not limited to:

  • tips and templates to support patient enrolment communications;

  • how-to materials such as user documentation and quick reference guides to support use of the Home Clinic Portal:
  • guidelines, tips and procedures to support Home Clinic operations including how to leverage the Primary Care Data Extract for patient enrolment (for eligible Home Clinics); and

  • operational and analytic reports will be available in the Home Clinic Portal, and may be viewed, printed or exported. Refer to the list of reports (updated October 2018) available to registered Home Clinics.

If we become a Home Clinic now, can we change our mind in the future?

Yes. A Home Clinic can decide to de-register. Should you consider de-registering as a Home Clinic, contact your Home Clinic Liaison. They will help you fully understand the implications, manage the de-registration process, and communicate appropriately with your enrolled patients about the change.


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