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Submitting Enrolment Details

Will any EMR be capable of supporting patient enrolment?

The Tariff rate table, Note 1 states: “Enrolment must be denoted in the EMR and communicated to MHSAL through the data extracts.” Not all EMR products may have the functionality to support patient enrolment. Speak with your EMR vendor to confirm your product’s capabilities.

If your EMR is not able to enrol patients or generate the Primary Care Data Extract, or your clinic is not using an EMR, your clinic is not eligible to be a Home Clinic at this time. Connect with the Primary Care/Community Information Systems (PCIS) Office to learn more about how to improve your eligibility. The PCIS Office may be reached at 204-926-3482 or

Will EMR interoperability be increased in the future?

In the future, Certified EMR Products will have the opportunity directly integrate with the provincial enrolment system. This full interoperability between the Certified EMR and the enrolment system will significantly improve the efficiency of the enrolment process for a Home Clinic.

Our EMR does not support patient enrolment. Can we still enrol patients?

No. As per Manitoba’s Home Clinic Criteria, your EMR must be able to record patient enrolment in order to become a Home Clinic. For more information, contact the Home Clinic team at 204-926-6010, 1-866-926-6010 or

Is there an option that would allow us to enrol multiple patients at one time?

Yes. Any registered Home Clinic may submit their initial enrolment data to the provincial enrolment system using the Primary Care Data Extract. If your EMR does not have the ability to generate this extract, we recommend you speak directly with your EMR vendor, as the ability to generate this extract is a requirement to be a Home Clinic, and is also a requirement to claim the CCM tariff. Learn more about the Primary Care Data Extract.

The Home Clinic team is available to help you prepare for your initial bulk enrolment. For example, we can suggest options for identifying candidates for passive enrolment using your EMR data. Once you are ready to get started, contact us by email at

Are all Home Clinics eligible to use the Primary Care Data Extract for bulk enrolment?

Yes. All registered Home Clinics may use the Primary Care Data Extract to submit one bulk enrolment submission. This facilitates initial seeding of the enrolment repository.

Home Clinics using a Certified EMR Product or clinics that successfully submitted the Primary Care Data Extract (PCDE) using a previously approved EMR are eligible to continue to use the PCDE for ongoing enrolment data submissions (e.g. new enrolments and enrolment updates). If you are unclear regarding your Home Clinic’s eligibility, contact us at to confirm.

How often should a Home Clinic submit the Primary Care Data Extract?

Most Home Clinics are required to submit the Primary Care Data Extract on a monthly basis. However, if a Home Clinic submits their Primary Care Data Extract using an encrypted USB or CD, they will submit quarterly.

How will enrolment records be processed if more than one Home Clinic submits enrolment information for the same patient?

Active enrolment recognizes the patient's right to choose, and therefore will supersede any passive enrolment. If the patient chooses to change Home Clinics, a new and more recent active enrolment will supersede a prior active enrolment. Finally, if more than one Home Clinic submits a passive enrolment for the same patient, both Home Clinics will be advised to communicate with the patient to determine the patient’s choice of Home Clinic. Once confirmed, the patient enrolment may be resubmitted as active.


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