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Managing Patient Enrolment

Who is responsible for an enrolled patient when a Most Responsible Provider leaves a Home Clinic?

Patients are enrolled to their Home Clinic. When a Most Responsible Provider, to whom the enrolled patient is associated, leaves a Home Clinic, the patient remains enrolled to the Home Clinic. Home Clinics will, to the best of their ability, work with their Regional Health Authority and the Family Doctor Finder Primary Care Connector(s) in the region to determine how best to meet the needs of these patients.

What should we do if we inadvertently submit inaccurate enrolment data?

If you submit inaccurate enrolment data, contact our team at 204-926-6010, 1-866-926-6010 or by emailing They will help you to determine the best approach for correcting the data.

How will we know if one of our enrolled patients chooses to enrol with another Home Clinic?

If the patient chooses to change Home Clinics, a new and more recent active enrolment will be submitted by the new Home Clinic. That new enrolment will supersede the prior active enrolment submitted by your Home Clinic. You will be notified if this occurs.

Will our Home Clinic be notified if information related to an enroled patient changes in other health information systems?

At this time, there is no direct interface between the provincial enrolment system and other health information systems.

Can a Home Clinic sever the relationship with an enrolled patient? If so, what steps must be taken?

If an MRP is associated with the enrolled patient, the same rules and guidelines as per the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) that currently exist with regards to severing a relationship with a patient would apply.

If no MRP is associated to the enrolled patient, the Home Clinic should, to the best of its ability, seek to meet the needs of the patient. See our suggested strategies for meeting this challenge.

Will patient enrolment information be shared with other providers?

Yes. In January 2019, patient enrolment details will be available in eChart Manitoba to authorized users with the appropriate access. Enrolment details including Home Clinic name, phone number and enrolment start and end dates will be available as recorded in the Home Clinic Repository, along with the associated main Primary Care Provider (if applicable). Sharing patient enrolment information supports improved communication opportunities between episodic care providers and Home Clinics, enabling comprehensive and continuous care for your enrolled patients.

We noticed a situation in which enrolment information in eChart Manitoba does not match our EMR. Why would this occur?

Enrolment information in eChart Manitoba comes from the Home Clinic Repository. Please check that your site has completed enrolment remediation in your EMR and that your EMR correctly reflects current patient enrolment.

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