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Future Direction: Episodic Information Sharing

What is episodic information sharing, and what clinical/personal health information will be shared?

Home Clinic enrolment will, over time, support sharing of valuable clinical information between the patient’s Home Clinic and providers of episodic care (e.g. QuickCare or walk-in clinic, emergency departments and others). The specific information to be shared is not yet defined but may include information such as the name of the enrolled patient’s Home Clinic and MRP, current diagnoses and active medications. Input from public consultations and consultations with clinicians across Manitoba will be considered before the details are finalized. However, it is anticipated that the information will be shared within and accessible to authorized users of provincial systems. Consent for episodic information sharing is also being explored during the consultative process. Home Clinics may be required to seek consent from their enrolled patients for this information sharing in the future.

Will any EMR be capable of supporting episodic information sharing?

Only EMR products certified by Manitoba against information sharing specifications will be able to support sharing of clinical information between Home Clinics and providers of episodic care. Learn more about Certified EMR Products.


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