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Home Clinics

Key Primary Care Concepts

What is a Home Clinic?

A Home Clinic is a patient-centred primary care clinic, registered with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL), that serves as a patient’s home base within the health-care system. Home Clinics are primary care clinics that provide patients with timely access to care, coordinate their health care within the health-care system and manage their health-care records. Having a home base helps support comprehensive and continuous care throughout a patients’ life.

Why are Home Clinics important in Manitoba?

A Home Clinic provides its patients comprehensive, continuous and coordinated care, thereby improving their patients' health outcomes. Ensuring Manitobans have a Home Clinic, which serves as the home base for the majority of their primary care needs, is a key step towards achieving a longer term vision of a robust, equitable and accessible primary care system. Home Clinics are also considered vital to ensure long-term sustainability of the system. Refer to the Primary Care website for more information regarding the Home Clinic model.

What is a Most Responsible Provider, and what is his/her role in a Home Clinic?

Patients are enrolled with the Home Clinic. Within the Home Clinic each enrolled patient is associated with a Most Responsible Provider (MRP).

The MRP is a family physician or nurse practitioner, who has the lead role and medico-legal responsibility for overseeing the patient’s care. The MRP provides ongoing, comprehensive primary care, including ongoing coordination with other health-care providers, monitoring and management of patient condition(s) and patient care plan(s) and ongoing communication with the patient regarding their care.

The relationships between enrolled patients, their Home Clinic and their MRP ensure that Manitobans receive care and support where their health and medical needs and history are known.

The MRP supports the whole patient, not just their illness, and they will focus on wellness, not just treatment. They emphasize health promotion, chronic disease prevention and risk reduction, early detection of health problems, self-care, and evidence-informed chronic disease management, including mental illness.  The MRP develops patient-centred strategies to ensure patients can make informed choices and are partners in care planning and management.

What is a My Health Team?

A My Health Team is a collaboration between regional health authorities, fee-for-service primary care practices, and community organizations. The My Health Team collectively and collaboratively plans, develops and provides enhanced primary care services for a specific community area and/or population group. My Health Teams share common and standardized resources, information and responsibilities, providing primary care services to their collective patients in a timely, efficient manner.

How are Home Clinics and My Health Teams related and/or different?

Manitoba's vision for primary care is that all Manitobans will have knowledge of and access to high quality, culturally sensitive and sustainable health care services. Home Clinics and My Health Teams are complementary strategies being deployed to achieve that vision The Home Clinic will be the patient's home base, and the My Health Team will be the broader primary care neighbourhood, and may be comprised of several Home Clinics. Home Clinics will help their patients navigate the health system including the extended services and supports available from within the My Health Team.


Interested in becoming a Home Clinic? Click to learn more.

If you are a clinician in a primary care clinic that may become or is already a Home Clinic, review our Information for Clinicians section for more information.


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