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About PCIS

EMR Adoption Program

Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors, along with the Primary Care/Community Information Systems (PCIS) Office at Manitoba eHealth, partnered with Canada Health Infoway to accelerate the adoption and implementation of electronic medical records (EMRs) by community-based physicians in primary and specialty-care clinics. The program launched in October 2010 and program agreements with participating clinics were in effect until the spring of 2015.

The EMR Adoption Program’s goal was to facilitate the implementation and use of Manitoba Approved EMR Solutions across Manitoba and provided an opportunity to:

  • improve efficiency and quality of care within clinics
  • improve interactions with other providers and institutions through integrated information technology (IT) systems
  • improve the healthcare system through better planning and analysis based on improved information

Clinicians eligible for the EMR Adoption Program included physicians and nurse practitioners working in primary care clinics and specialists working in the community. Manitoba eHealth reimbursed up to 70 per cent of eligible EMR implementation costs as well as two years of eligible operating costs, up to a fixed maximum.

The program exceeded its target of 70 per cent of eligible physicians and nurse practitioners in the province using an approved EMR. As part of the EMR Adoption Program agreement, 160 clinics have submitted data extracts to Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors, with 81 per cent of those clinics submitting on a regular basis. In return, clinics have been receiving corresponding reports outlining data quality and providing analysis on chronic disease populations and primary care quality indicators related to chronic disease care. Learn more about the primary care data extract.

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