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Primary Care Data Extract

Introduction to the Primary Care Data Extract

The Primary Care Data Extract is a specific set of data elements being submitted by over 130 primary care and community clinics in Manitoba. Data extracts are important to support planning, delivery and evaluation of primary care services and programs throughout the province. Clinics submitting the primary care data extract receive a series of reports from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL), providing them with information on their EMR data quality, chronic disease populations and chronic disease management activities. These reports can help clinics improve their EMR data quality and assist in improving efficiency and quality of care within the clinic. Effective April 2017, the Primary Care Data Extract will be the preferred method to provide supplemental patient care information required to support family physicians claiming a Comprehensive Care Management tariff in Manitoba.

To learn more, watch the Primary Care Data Extract: Leveraging Primary Care Quality Indicators in Manitoba video.


One of the primary goals of regular data extract submissions is to provide clinics with valuable information. Some of the ways MHSAL may use the data include:

  • to generate analytic reports that will be provided to clinics to support clinical decision-making
  • to assess the adoption of EMRs into clinical practice
  • to perform analysis and reporting on population health
  • to support improved primary care delivery by monitoring quality of care indicators
  • to support potential future initiatives.


The Primary Care Data Extract is a series of specific data elements aligned with primary care quality indicators related to chronic disease management. The data is submitted in up to eight distinct files:

  • Demographics
  • Prevention
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Hypertension
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Osteoporosis

Clinics are encouraged to review the full table of data elements and understand where and how the information is captured in their EMRs. This will provide clinics with the best opportunity to submit comprehensive chronic disease information through their primary care data extract submissions.

To learn more, watch the Primary Care Quality Indicators: Support quality patient care in Manitoba video.

Learn about Manitoba Peer-to-Peer Network supports and services to help you implement and optimize your EMR, including how to maximize your Primary Care Data Extract submission.


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