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EMR Video Library

Click on the video links below to view our EMR Tips and Tricks videos and educational presentations targeted at optimizing the use of your EMR. Visit our new Home Clinic Supports section to access videos about the Home Clinic Portal.

EMR Tips and Tricks

Educational Presentations

New - Home Clinic Supports

EMR Tips and Tricks

View these short video clips from Peer Supporters in the Manitoba Peer-to-Peer Network on favourite EMR features and functions that help them optimize use of their EMRs.

  • Tips and tricks on creating and managing strong passwords
    This video outlines common security risks such as phishing, malware and viruses. Practical tips, guidelines and strategies are shared to support the protection of electronic information. Click here to view.
  • Basic Computer Skills
    Watch this video to learn basic skills to improve your computer use (PC or Mac). Many of the tips and tricks shared can be used to improve EMR use. Topics include keyboard shortcuts, mouse techniques, selecting text, and performing activities such as cut, copy and paste. Learn how to manage multiple windows and where to find answers to your computer-related questions. Click here to view.
  • Cancer Care to Primary Care: EMR workflows to support patient follow-up
    In collaboration with CancerCare Manitoba, Dr. Alex Singer demonstrates how to use the new CancerCare Manitoba Follow-Up Care Plan. This new document can be used to help provide complete and efficient care to your cancer patients. Watch Dr. Singer as he demonstrates how to review workflows in Accuro to care for your cancer patients as they transition back into your clinic for ongoing management. Click here to view.
  • Billing Macros in Accuro
    Listen to Peer Supporter Anne-Marie Chanel, Clinical Systems Analyst from Southern Health – Santé Sud to learn about how to create and manage billing macros in Accuro. Anne-Marie provides live EMR demonstration on how to use the functionality and shares some practical advice on using billing macros at your site. Click here to view.
  • Billing Templates in Med Access
    Learn how Angie Houston, Clinic Manager Peer Supporter for Dr. Bermack and Dr. Sasse, uses billing templates in her Med Access EMR to improve her administrative efficiency. Click here to view.
  • Encounter Notes: Right-click functionality in Accuro
    Listen to Elsie Duff, Nurse Practitioner Peer Supporter from Thompson, Manitoba, as she highlights how right-click features in Accuro streamline her clinical practice. Click here to view.
  • Privacy and your EMR: A message about electronic snooping
    Heather McLaren, former Chief Privacy and Risk Officer at Manitoba eHealth, shares her tips on privacy and EMRs. Click here to view.
  • A day-at-a-glance: Using a template to enhance your schedule in Accuro
    Join Dr. Kiet Do, Peer Supporter in the Manitoba Peer-to-Peer Network, as she demonstrates how to enhance her schedule in Accuro using the scheduling template feature. QHR Technologies provides a few final hints to complete the video. Click here to view.
  • Basic Searching & Reporting: JonokeMed EMR v.5.5
    Watch this video from Marc Desjardins, one of our Peer Supporters who is an advanced JonokeMed user, to learn about the searching and reporting functionality in Freedom Paperless Office. This posting covers the basics, but the concepts can be used for more advanced reporting, helping you learn more about your patient population and your EMR data. Click here to view.
  • EMR Shortcuts in Accuro
    Listen to Dr. Amanda Condon, one of our physician Peer Supporters, as she shares her favourite shortcuts in Accuro that optimize her EMR use. Learn about ways to organize patient data and features that support efficient workflows to help you use your EMR better and assist with improved quality of care. Click here to view.
  • EMR Tips and Tricks for Nurse Practitioners (in Accuro EMR)
    Elsie Duff, a Nurse Practitioner Peer Supporter from Thompson, Manitoba, shares her EMR tips and tricks highlighting features and workflow relevant to nurse practitioners in clinical practice. Learn how she uses her professional designation in encounter notes, quickly accesses patient information from multiple providers to assist with her diagnostic reasoning, and uses alerts in her EMR to flag outstanding patient care activities or to assist in supervising nurse practitioner students. Click here to view.
  • F7 – Tasks in Accuro
    Join Christine Banewski, Clinic Manager and Peer Supporter from Family Matters Medical Centre as she shares her clinic workflow leveraging Tasks (F7) in Accuro. Learn how physicians and staff at her site manage investigations, patient recalls and referrals, including F7 configurations that streamline the process. Click here to view.
  • Prescribing and Managing Medications in JonokeMed EMR
    Join Dr. Duerksen, family physician and Peer Supporter from Steinbach Family Medical as he reviews some of the common processes to prescribing medications in Jonoke. Quick tips that allow for more efficient prescribing will be demonstrated, including prescribing creams, inhalers and non-drug items. Click here to view.
  • Prescriptions in Accuro – Part 1: Continuous vs. Short Term Medications
    In the first of this two-part video series Dr. Holmes, physician and Peer Supporter from Agassiz Medical Centre, demonstrates tips and tricks for prescribing in Accuro and managing your short-term and continuous medications. Click here to view.
  • Prescriptions in Accuro – Part 2: Cleaning up your active medications
    In the second video of this two-part series Dr. Holmes, physician and Peer Supporter from Agassiz Medical Centre, reviews how to clean up the active medications history band in Accuro, using the Medications tab to accurately reflect the current status of your patients. Click here to view.


Educational Presentations

These recorded presentations share knowledge about specific topics related to EMRs and other technology.

  • Privacy and Electronic Information Systems
    Review information contained in The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) in the context of electronic information systems. Topics include education and training, policies and procedures, access to information, auditing and the role of the Privacy Officer. Click here to view.
  • Information security starts with you
    Learn about best practice guidelines as well as some tips and tricks on creating and managing strong passwords for use with electronic information systems such as EMRs. Click here to view.
  • Understanding EMR data quality
    Learn about the importance and benefits of strong EMR data quality. Explore some common data quality issues along with strategies for improvement. Click here to view.
  • Evaluating and improving EMR data quality
    This video provides practical examples clinics can review to evaluate and improve EMR data quality using six data quality characteristics. Information is provided on how to define, refine and focus EMR data quality improvement efforts. Click here to view.
  • EMR Certification in Manitoba
    This video explains the EMR certification process released in December 2015. Learn about the certification process, the two levels of EMR certification, responsibilities you may have if you are an EMR purchaser and the benefits of using a Certified EMR in Manitoba. Click here to view.
  • Patient Demographics: Best Practices
    This video provides best practice guidelines for patient registration in your EMR. Learn about registration steps and the key information required along with additional tips to support clinics with entering patient demographics successfully. Click here to view.
  • The Data Extract: Final milestone in the EMR Adoption Program
    This video focuses on the primary care data extract, a requirement for the final milestone in the EMR Adoption Program. Learn about the contents of the extract, the benefits of submitting monthly data and view samples of some of the reports available to clinics based on their data submissions. Click here to view.
  • Management Features and Functions of Electronic Medical Records
    This video provides information on the capabilities within your EMR that help support the operation of the clinic. Click here to view.
  • Comparative Analytic Reports: Driving Information from your C.A.R.
    This video will illustrate how your clinic can drive information from your Comparative Analytic Report (received after six successful monthly data extracts). Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors will walk you through a sample report and demonstrate practical ways your clinic can analyze the report to support practice reflection. The video includes information from Manitoba eHealth on tools and resources that clinics may use to better understand their EMR data and leverage the information to improve patient outcomes. Click here to view.
  • Understanding the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Completeness Reports
    This video can assist clinics with understanding more about the CDM Reports being sent by Health Information Management at Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors. Clinics qualify based on submission of the primary care data extract from Manitoba-Approved EMRs. Learn about the components of the report and how the information is connected to your data extract and the CDM tariff. The video also shares practical ways clinics can use the report to improve data quality and improve CDM patient care activities. Click here to view.

Home Clinic Supports

Watch our tips and tricks videos on key functions within the Home Clinic Portal.

  • New - Edit enrolment in the Home Clinic Portal
    This video explains how to edit an existing enrolment record in the Home Clinic Portal. You will review searching a client, editing the enrolment method, and de-enrolling a client, as well as editing and ending a Most Responsible Provider (MRP) association. The Home Clinic Portal User Guide contains further details on using the Home Clinic Portal. Click here to view.
  • Notifications and remediating enrolment records
    This video provides an overview of notifications and how to access them in the Home Clinic Portal. We will also explain Pending Activities and how to view and remediate enrolment records. Click here to view.
  • Individual Enrolment in the Home Clinic Portal
    This video outlines when individual enrolment may be necessary in the Home Clinic Portal. Learn how to search, add and enrol patients, along with information on associating patients with a Most Responsible Provider. Click here to view.

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