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Careers at Manitoba eHealth

Career Profiles - Clinical Informatics Specialist

A career as a Clinical Informatics Specialist (CIS) with Manitoba eHealth is a broad and rewarding experience. It provides the opportunity for clinicians (nurses, pharmacists, lab technologists) to apply their skills and knowledge towards ensuring that clinical information systems and applications, such as telehealth, meet the needs of clinician users. Leveraging clinical expertise and knowledge of health-care processes, Clinical Informatics Specialists blend their understanding of clinical information systems, telehealth applications and analytical skills to bridge the gap between health-care providers and IT experts.

During implementations of new clinical systems, Clinical Informatics Specialists contribute to the development of clinical content in a manner that integrates clinical standards and best practices. Clinical system design is evaluated and adapted to integrate into clinical practice workflows in a way that enhances care delivery. Critical examination and evaluation of systems and their impact on patient safety is a paramount consideration.

Clinical Informatics Specialists provide ongoing support to clinicians who utilize clinical systems to provide direct patient care. Their understanding of the clinical systems and their role in the clinicians' workflow allows them to educate and mentor clinicians in the use and application of the systems.

Strong analytical skills provide a foundation for investigating clinically related system errors and inconsistencies and identifying areas of risk (to patient safety). Analyzing clinical data recorded during clinicians’ daily use provides insight into opportunities to proactively adjust the system to create improvements in clinician and patient experiences.

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